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About Physical Chess

Our vision is to provide fencers with quality equipment, a high level of customer service and the best price.

We carry a wide range of equipment to accommodate every level of fencer, from beginner to international competitor.

With this web-site you will be able to make your own weapon, selecting blade, barrel, wire, socket, handle, guard, pommel nut. You press the keys and we put it together. Just as you can make a custom uniform (produced by our in-house clothing department), design a multi-color lame or conjure up instructional books and Dvd’s.

In the unlikely event that something is not in stock, the web-site is good enough to let you know. Just as we would be happy to talk to you if you call, or stop by the store. And if there is a problem with your order or you want to make an exchange, let us know and we'll take care of it. A web-site is only as good as the people it's standing in for.

In our decades in the equipment business, buying and selling in the US and internationally, we have found and keep looking for the new and the best for your fencing. And here we pause to consider the blade as a prime example of our purpose.

If your blade is good, the rest of your equipment can act in support. If your blade bends out of shape or breaks soon after you get it, you might as well go bowling.

In the ever-shifting world, we follow the forges like the stock market, track down and acquire the best blades at the best prices. Our newest is Dynamo, from the Ukraine: a specially-formulated steel molded into a well-balanced, durable blade, with the ability to retain its shape and therefore your feel of it through all the clashing contact of months of practice and competition.

We have the best blades - from FIE to high quality non-maraging, to good medium grade and beginner steel. All clearly labeled on our web-site for use and temperament.

So your blade problems are solved at Physical Chess, and every other question of equipment is answered as well.

With your equipment taken care of, you can focus on fencing.

That is our purpose.